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DC Floors are committed to offering you the best value flooring and service available in the market place. We endeavour to offer a wider choice of flooring at cheaper prices than any other retailer to give our customers the best deals available in the UK. We back that up with superb customer service, from the minute you make your enquiry to the moment you admire the new flooring fitted in your home.


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We are a family run business based in Dewsbury West Yorkshire We have been in the flooring trade for over 20 years doing domestic and commercial properties and we do our own fitting.

We will do our best to give you, the customer, the best deal and service possible.

The work we do varies from domestic homes to commercial work 


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Vinyl flooring installation

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

There are so many different types of projects, and that's why I make sure to discuss every detail with you before beginning so you know exactly what to expect, and exactly how much it’s going to cost.

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Carpet Installation

Customized to Your Preferences

If you’re looking for an experienced Flooring Contractor for your next project, I’m the person to call. I explain every step in the messy process to you to ensure you always stay on top of your Carpet Installation. Call today for your free estimate.

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Commercial flooring installation

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

We offer a wide range of commercial carpet & vinyl flooring. From shops to pubs and social housing to offices.

Some of our clients are Gecko property solutions http://www.geckops.com/

Smart Security uk ltd http://smartsecurityukltd.com/.


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Park road junior school

Waterloo private hospital


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Frequently Asked Questions

Method Statement 

Generic Method Statement Prepared For the Main Activities / Operations Performed By DC  Floors.

This method statement has been prepared as a general statement of the methodology and procedures. The aim of this method statement is to provide details of the working methodology applicable to the main operations undertaken by   DC  Floors.Any variations to the standard working method will be detailed in a supplementary statement issued on an “as when” required basis, where the standard working methodology is likely to be affected by the prevailing environmental conditions, e.g. working in the vicinity of identified hazards.

The statement should be read in conjunction with  DC  Floors health and safety policy and its generic risk assessment statements.

The main activities / operations include:
a) Removal of existing floor covering.
b) Preparation for fixing of new floor covering.
c) Installation of new floor covering.
d) Removal of waste products after completion.

A) Removal of Existing Floor Coverings
• This includes the removal of carpet / carpet tiles / vinyl sheet / vinyl tiles / timber / timber blocks / timber panels / timber boards / rubber floor coverings.
• Removal of existing coverings can be undertaken manually, via use of mechanical aids or by a combination of the two.
• Manual removal involves stripping off existing coverings and cutting into pieces which can be easily handled and discarded.
• Mechanical removal involves the use of various pieces of electrically operated machinery to aid the initial material removal process.
• Once an existing covering has been removed, it is carefully taken to the vehicle for removal from site or skip for disposal. 

B) Preparation for Fixing of New Floor Covering
Preparation of an existing surface for new products to be fixed involves the following operations:
a) Thorough sweep up / clean of area;
b) Application of one or a combination of:
Damp Proof Membrane (Tremco ES3000 or similar two part epoxy mixture);
Asphalt (by specialist sub contractor: specific method statement to be prepared by sub contractor for this operation);
Primer (Ardex – roller / brush application);
Latex screeding (various products, mainly Ardex: all non-growth promoting);
Hand sanding or use of Buffing Machine
Fixing of plywood or hardboard (preparatory) surface.
c) Measure up / survey: compare to plans, check quantities, type of covering, colour and specification;
d) Mark out area as necessary;
e) Cut lengths and prepare covering;
f) Apply adhesives as specified.

C) Installation of New Floor Covering
After thorough preparation, the new product will be fitted and trimmed in accordance with standard practices within the industry. Products will be jointed in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. Cove Former and Capping fitted as necessary. Door plates screwed into position as necessary.

D) Removal of Waste Products After Completion
All product off-cuts, waste packaging materials including empty adhesive containers will be removed from site and disposed of to a suitable, licensed waste disposal tip.

 DC  Floors are deemed to be trained and competent to undertake the tasks allocated to them and will observe and adhere to the health and safety policy of any client as well as our own health and safety policy. It is the general aim that all operations / activities undertaken will be carried out in a safe and workmanlike fashion, avoiding un-necessary risk.

Throughout all operations / activities undertaken, appropriate PPE will be worn. As a minimum this includes protective clothing/overalls and safety footwear with toe protection. Other PPE may be worn at the discretion of the staff on site as follows:
a) head protection;
b) gloves;
c) dust masks;
d) knee pads.

When using mechanical powered equipment and certain manual tools, e.g. hammers / chisels, appropriate PPE must be worn in addition to the minimum set out above including eye protection and ear protection.

5.1 The tools and equipment employed in the main activities are:
a) basic hand tools including:
i) hammer;
ii) bolster chisel;
iii) pinch bar;
iv) trimming knife;
v) hand saws, (wood / metal);
vi) screw drivers;
vii) hand scrapers, (Robert Scrapers);
viii) roller / brushes;
ix) sweeping brush;
x) trowels;
xi) miscellaneous hand tools.
b) electrically operated machinery, including;
i) “Bully Stripper” or “Kango with Spade”;
ii) Scarifier (for paint);
iii) Shot Blasting Plant;
iv) Rotary brush / stone scarifier;
v) Hot air guns (for ceilings and walls, plus small
floor areas < 2sq metres);
vi) Electric drills;
vii) Electric Sanders;
viii) Compressed air nail gun.
c) ladders / step ladders;
d) mobile access platforms.

Prior to any work commencing on site the following procedure will be adopted:
a) Request from client to be logged (telephone, letter or fax)
b) Site meeting between DC Floors and client to agree / identify:
i) the work required;
ii) the specification, range, colour;
iii) when the work is required;
iv) any specific hazards / risks, e.g. working in vicinity of client personnel;
v) if this generic method statement is acceptable/ fully applicable or if a specific method statement should be produced;
vi) are any special permits to work required, e.g. hot work permits.

Upon arrival at site and prior to commencing work  DC  Floors  should report to the appropriate liaison point, complete any Job Registration Form, (JRF) or Site Certificate as required. Any supplementary forms required as a result of completing the JRF should be completed also at that stage, e.g. hot work permit if applicable. Personnel attending a site for the first time should be given the appropriate induction training, shown any induction safety videos and generally made aware of the key health and safety issues to be noted on that particular site.

 DC  Floors vehicles are light goods vehicles (vans). The vehicle driver will be instructed where the contract is to be undertaken by the client. When driving on client sites, any site specific driving rules will be observed in addition to the rules applicable to travel on the public highways. Speed limits and traffic routes are to be strictly observed at all times. Due care and attention is to be paid to parking, avoiding the blocking of emergency / fire escape routes and established walkways etc. Particular attention is to be afforded to the issue of waste and all loads in vehicles are to be adequately secure whilst in transit.

Upon arrival at the contract site, the following procedure will be followed:
a) Briefly survey the working area, ensure suitable to work. Any potential problems to be reported to the client representative immediately requesting appropriate action to be taken prior to starting work.
b) Position metal barriers, hazard identification tapes and warning signs to effectively isolate the working area.
c) Head Protection t o be worn (if necessary);
d) Care should be taken so as not to obstruct any established walkways or emergency escape routes.

All equipment / materials will be transported to site unless a direct delivery arrangement has been arranged with a supplier. If materials are to be stored temporarily on site, care should be taken as to the any potential fire hazard / physical obstruction presented. Clarity should be sought from the client / fire safety officer prior to temporarily storing any materials on site. Subject to permission, materials / equipment should be neatly stacked so as to cause minimum disruption to client activities.

Upon completion of the installation of the new floor , the “job” / work area will be formally handed back to the client. This could be in the form of a verbal confirmation from  DC  Floors or a more formal (written) Hand over if required.